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I am sure many of you are aware Governing Bodies of School have received further detailed
guidance from the Department for Education on pupils taking leave during term time. In line with
Government (DfE) and Local Authority guidance, the governors have resolved that the
Headteacher will not authorise a holiday absence during term time. Other leave will only be
authorised in exceptional circumstances.
The Governing Body also recommend that holidays are not taken in the following periods or
• During the first half-term of a new academic year
• In between February and May half-terms for pupils in Year 2 due to the timing of SATs
• During the first 2 weeks of May for pupils in Year 6 due to SATs
• The pupil has internal assessments near or during the time of the proposed absence
• If, on granting the request, the pupil’s attendance rate falls below 92% (This is the current
trigger level for consideration to issue a penalty notice for poor school attendance)
Leave of absence may be granted in exceptional circumstances, such as: -
1) Family wedding
2) Family funeral
3) To undertake examinations
If parents are restricted in terms of leave from their employer then a signed letter from the
employer should accompany the request for leave of absence, setting out the prevailing
Where the school and parents fail to reach agreement and the child is then absent from school this
will be recorded as an unauthorised absence. The school attendance records are continually
monitored and persistent unauthorised absence will be investigated by the Education Welfare
Hard copy of absence request forms are available from the School Office or can be printed from this
area of the school website.
Your co-operation and understanding in this matter is greatly appreciated.

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