A welcome message from our Chair of Governors The Revd David J. Hopkin

On behalf of the Governing Body, I would like to offer a huge welcome to all our parents, children and staff alike.

At present most things look the same as they always were and apart from possibly one or two more grey hairs, Mrs Susie Arnold (Head Teacher), Mrs Ann Nixon (Head of School), Mr Lee Mullen (Deputy Head of school) and Mrs Sarah Dougal  (Deputy Head of school ) constitute our present leadership team. The teaching staff on both school sites haven’t changed much either. So, the beauty about much of our school life is that all the skills of leadership and teaching acquired over many years continues to be offered within our new school.

As Rector of Penistone and Thurlstone Team Ministry, and as Chair of Governors, I am naturally very pleased to be involved within our newly established Church of England Voluntary Aided primary school in Penistone. Faith schools offer something distinctive within any community and this is expressed in our unashamedly Christian ethos at St John’s. This does not mean, however, that we rule out the study of other cultures and religions or the need to celebrate diversity - but nevertheless we are committed to sending out a strong signal about where we are on the spectrum of faith and culture.

As a governing body, we hope to continue to offer a unique place of learning in Penistone within a distinctively Christian environment, looking only to build on this heritage for our future.

On behalf of the governing body, I have no doubt that our children will be prepared well here for their future lives, giving them every opportunity to reach their potential and undoubtedly achieve great things!

I look forward to working with you,
Every Blessing,

The Revd David J. Hopkin
(Chair of Governors, Rector of Penistone and Thurlstone Team Ministry)

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