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In our curriculum we strive to expose children to the 'best' in each subject, and so become their best versions. We aim to provide an engaging, relevant and broad curriculum which develops children’s knowledge and skill, whilst also celebrating diversity.

We have designed our curriculum by breaking down key explicit elements in to granular components of substantive and disciplinary knowledge. The use of a clear teaching sequence and child-friendly knowledge organisers allows children to become fully immersed in each subject and strive for excellence across the curriculum:

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This provides children with the opportunity to learn new ideas by linking those ideas to existing disciplinary and substantive knowledge. Strong prior knowledge and carefully sequenced teaching are key to facilitating this process.

By making these purposeful links, and allowing for regular opportunity to revisit and retrieve learning, key explicit knowledge is committed to their long-term memories:


The knowledge-rich and ambitious nature of our curriculum is enhanced through memorable experiences and authentic end of unit outcomes, allowing children of all abilities to flourish in our school. 

Overall, our curriculum is designed for all our children to engage with and in a broad range of opportunities and experiences which ensure that:

We are our best version

We are safe

We strive to challenge ourselves and others

We celebrate diversity

We are prepared for our future


Achievement is celebrated through children knowing more, remembering more and being able to do more, meaning that they are ready for their next stage of education.

Excellence is then not an act, but a habit!

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