EYFS & KS1 Staff

Teaching Staff

Mrs Dougal
S Dougal.jpeg


Miss Briggs Mrs Hopkins Miss Marsh Miss Ryan
E Briggs.jpeg E Hopkins.jpeg A Marsh.jpg K Ryan.jpeg
Reception Reception Reception Reception


Mrs Hayes Miss Henton Miss O'Grady Miss Wilson
L Hayes.jpeg E Henton.jpeg S O'Grady.jpeg K Wilson.JPG
Year 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year 1


Mrs Ball Miss Swift Miss Webb
K Ball.jpg R Swift.jpeg G Webb.jpeg
Year 2 Year 2 Year 2


Learning Support

Miss Coldwell Mrs Fielding Mr Heath Mrs Todd
A Coldwell.jpeg B Fielding.jpeg W Heath.jpg S Todd.jpeg
Forest School Learning Mentor Apprentice Sports Coach HLTA


Teaching Assistants

Mrs Anger Mrs Brennan Mrs Brisland Mrs Casswell
T Anger.jpeg B Brennan.jpeg D Brisland.jpg J Casswell.jpeg
Mrs Chadwick Mrs Driver Miss Edwards Mrs Fitzgerald
K Chadwick.jpeg H Driver.jpeg E Edwards.jpeg B Fitzgerald.jpeg
Mrs Green Miss Hudson-Haynes Mrs Lodge Miss McCann
C Green.jpeg E Hudson-Haynes.jpeg L Lodge.jpeg H McCann.jpg
Miss Mellor Miss Proud Mrs Roblett Mrs Thompson
J Mellor.jpeg T Proud.jpeg C Roblett.jpeg J Thompson.jpeg

Lunchtime Staff

Mrs Barr

M Barr.jpeg


Mrs France

R France.jpeg


Miss Salter

E Salter.jpeg



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