Leadership / Admin / Premises

Senior Leadership Team

Mrs Arnold

S Arnold.jpeg


Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mrs Nixon Mrs Dougal
A Nixon.jpeg S Dougal.jpeg
Senior Deputy Headteacher Deputy Headteacher

Deputy Safeguarding Lead

Core Subject Strategic Lead

Specialist Leader of Education (Maths)

Local Leader of Maths Education

Deputy Safeguarding Lead


Pupil Premium Lead

Mrs Foster

S Foster.jpeg


Deputy Safeguarding Lead

Inclusion Lead


Mrs Hill

T Hill.jpg

School Business Manager

Mrs Lindley

N Lindley.jpeg

Admin Officer

Mrs Holley

J Holley.jpeg

Admin Officer

Mrs Ward

A Ward.jpeg

Admin Officer




Mr Pearson Mrs Wood
M Pearson.jpeg S Wood.jpeg
Caretaker Caretaker
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